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Fighting Hunger with Humanity

Despite abundant resources and wealth, the world is still struggling to deal with the greatest threat to humankind – hunger. Poverty, climate and inter-conflicts lead to millions of people suffering from the pangs of hunger.

Did you know that India hosts 25% of the hungry poor globally? That is clearly an indication that despite the visible economic progress, hunger still remains a major concern.

Is hunger a threat to global health?

Food is one of the most vital components needed for survival. It not only offers nourishment to the body but also aids in bringing communities together. The fact that maximum people do not have access to the basic human essentials is definitely a cause for worry.

People trapped in this vicious cycle of hunger due to reasons beyond their control are disturbing. That is why initiatives need to be taken in order to uplift these hungry-poor sections of society. It is true that hunger is generational, preventing people from achieving their potential, leading to more poverty.

Causes of hunger

Often, people perceive a shortage of food as the only reason for global hunger. However, research shows that this is not the only reason. Other factors such as natural disasters, poverty and conflicts can also prevent people from satisfying their hunger pangs.

People living in the poverty line usually spend 60-80% of their total income on food. That means that there is a distinct shortage of other basic needs such as education, learning new skills, etc. Moreover, it also means that skipping meals is the only option to deal with the financial issue in emergencies. Thus, the hunger cycle continues.

Weather shocks such as floods or droughts have a significant impact on world hunger too. Other causes include improper road infrastructure and inadequate storage facilities.

India ranks in the 101st position in the Global Hunger Index 2021. As shocking as the statistic is, it also fuels us to work even harder to eliminate the growing threat of hunger. At Red Rose Group Of Companies, we take active initiatives to help out the hunger-needy people. We offer food packets and free food counters through our RR Charitable Trust.