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About Red Rose Group

The group was established as RED ROSE TOBACCO- the parent company, as a small tobacco manufacturing and sales unit in the year 1980 in Hyderabad, the then ANDHRA PRADESH and present TELANGANA STATE.

The company has a very modest start history. The chairman with his high business acumen and inclusive entrepreneurship developed the company in to RED ROSE GROUP OF COMPANIES over the period of 34 years.


Over the duration of three decades, the Red Rose Group Of Companies have ventured into different domains. Now, we have leading companies in six sectors. These are –

• FMCG division
• Pan Masala division
• Real Estate division
• Hospitality division
• Led & Electrical Division
• Health Equipment Division

With an experienced team in each company, we aim to gain more success in the future. Our primary goal is to offer high-quality services to the people without any hassle.

Apart from this, we also operate the RR Charitable Trust. It is one of the leading non-government organizations striving hard to offer assistance to the weaker sections of society. With this, we aim to give back to underprivileged individuals as much as we can. For this, our team of professionals organizes different training and programs with the main aim to improve community development and growth. We work towards developing a well-balanced society.