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Education – the pathway to better empowerment

The journey from shelter seeking Neanderthals to genius minds seeking another planet for habitat – the human race has undoubtedly undergone a massive evolution. Over the course of seven million years, humans have learned, adapted and improved life quality significantly. With civilizations that have left a mark in the history of humankind, it is education that has played a massive role in developing societies and cultivating a sense of freedom. It is unfortunate that many still suffer from deprivation of education.

Though education is defined as the continuous learning of systematic instruction from educational institutions, it is beyond that. In essence, education is the constant learning of skills that can be obtained anywhere and anytime. Apart from being a fundamental right, education leads to the upliftment of society and aids in the eradication of poverty. It assists in the alleviation of the socio-economic status of the marginalized sections.

With education, citizens can traverse the difficulties of life with ease. Moreover, they can take proper decisions and live life while achieving goals. That is why governments worldwide take active steps to encourage education, leading to the country's significant progress.

Can education contribute to the making of a better world?

Yes, education can definitely make a huge contribution to making the world a better place. While it is not a for-sure way to eradicate poverty, it is a start. People living in poverty often lack the means to attain basic education. That leads to the inability to get proper jobs, and thus the generational poverty cycle continues.

• Reduces crime rate

When you know what is right and what is wrong, it automatically leads to a decrease in the crime rate in society.

• Spreads awareness

Education offers logical solutions and compels us to analyze the situation realistically. This leads to the rejection of superstitions and overall progress.

At Red Rose Group Of Companies, we undertake different initiatives to promote education. Our main goal is to help the upliftment of the weaker sections of society. For that, we distribute educational items and offer adequate help to the needy. Education is the only path to empower our community!